Giza Uncovered

Egyptian Star Shafts Probe to Continue


In 1993, German cameras followed the steady climb up 213 feet from the Queen's Chamber, through the 'star shafts' by 'Upuaut', the robotic vehicle designed by Rudolf Gantenbrink. When it finally stopped, it was blocked by what many viewers saw as a limestone 'sliding-door'with two copper handles.  Nine years later, Fox International Television followed a second probe sent by another scientific team with Dr. Zahi Hawass up the same southern 'star shaft' in the Queen's Chamber.

Some of you remember that even after the robot system in the shaft bore a hole in the door with the copper handles, it encountered another door-type structure. Testing the northern shaft as well, proved little in the way of answers. Now, Dr. Zahi Hawass has just announced that he will make a third attempt to send a robot up the southern 'star shaft' in the Queen's Chamber. Hawass told Discovery (March 20th, 2007) that the search for a possible missing room or pathway up the star shafts will continue being planned this year and that within 30 days he will choose the team that is going to work on this project. "It will be either from Singapore or Hong Kong"he said.

Speculation from journalists suggest that the final connection of the shafts might disclose a secret chamber which could contain items from a cache of old texts to a statue of Pharaoh Khufu who many associate with the Great Pyramid. It is our observation, however, based on earlier studies of Academy engineers and the ongoing geophysical and archaeological work, that the upper and lower star shaft sites will disclose an important relationship between astronomy, hydrology and geophysics. The interior design system surrounding the heart of the pyramid, however, may still have to wait for more evidence of another anticipated Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza.